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Welcome to my BBS site!

This site is mainly to inform the general population about my online BBS. If you don't know what a BBS is, then a little explanation is in order. A "Bulletin Board System", otherwise known as "BBS", used to be the main way that people from other places could get in touch with each other. You would use your modem and call up your local BBS and then you would be able to transfer messages to other BBS's around the world, play games with other people who were connected or chat. The Internet spawned from these BBS's. Now that the Internet is main stream, BBS's have dwindled to very few. But some people still love them and have created new systems that are telnet capable. Instead of calling with your modem, you can now telnet with telnet software to systems around the world. I have set up a telnet capable BBS called "Gargan's Gaming BBS". The main feature of my BBS is the games.

I have alot of really cool, fun games to play on my BBS. Some of them are: Exitilus, Falcon's Eye (FE), TradeWars 2002 (TW2002), Planets: TEOS, Barren Realms Elite (BRE), Legend of the Red Dragon I and II (LORD and LORD ][), and many more!!

I also am connected to DOVE-Net [GARGAN], and have many message board for you to read and post in!!

If you would like to telnet to my BBS, use any telnet software that is ANSI capable and telnet to: port 23. It is completely FREE and I have alot of really fun games to play online. I suggest that you use ZOC (Zap-O-Comm). Here is a link to it:

ZOC (Zap-O-Comm)

Keeping my BBS free is no easy task, if you would like to donate please click this link:


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